Esztergom Castle and Mosque


Recently (October 2016), we planned a trip to Hungary. Budapest is in this trip after visiting the heritage of our ancestors, we planned to see detail at the Esztergom Castle. Budapest from the city of Esztergom ( Esztergom ), we hit the road. We want to pass on to Szentendre seeing the beautiful city on the route we followed a route around 62km.

After eating a delicious ice cream in Szentendre 🙂 but it was really nice. I recommend to you visit Levendula.

We came to the city of Esztergom. After arriving with navigation, maps and places were not match easily. Our ancestors found in that time, 400 years have passed, we could not find place. The reason place not calls as castle, it calls as museum. Castle is behind the cathedral. Hungary’s has the largest cathedral in the back of the castle. The castle looks directly by the cathedral, while those of the city by the Danube River. Complete the point where the castle is located .

Estergon Kalesi avlusu
Esztergom Castle Yard

You can enter to castle garden free of charge, but this area is not very large and there is  no information enough. For this reason, you should visit the castle with a ticket from the box office. You can get a guided tour with 60-90mins tours. Unfortunately, they do not allow for a ride without a guide. Our guide’s English was a disaster. We spent a lot effort to understand for first 10mins but after we start to understand :). Let’s thank you anyway, he did his best. Guided tour price is 11 euros, which is equivalent to 3400 HUF.

Restoration is not very successful, I think, they have done a lot of things, but it’s obvious that the new one has lost of many of the details.

Estergon Kalesi'nde bulunan Osmanlı gümüş kaplar
Silver pieces from Ottoman Empire.

In many parts remaining from the Ottoman fortress. It displays a portion. Silver cups and pitchers also interesting that you see above. Especially in the right side piece’s inside was very different. Some crockerys used at that time:

Estergon Kalesi'nde bulunan Osmanlı'dan kalma kaplar
Some pieces from Ottoman Empire

You can see the Esztergom Castle visual model based on the above period. In the first period (12th century), the fortress was built on a smaller area, but the castle area in the 15th century and expanded as more elevated height.

Kalenin içinde Macaristan Kralı'na ait tacın iki kopyadan birisi
Crown of the King is exhibiting in this hall

In the museum part of the castle possible to see the crown of the Hungarian king, they put up a bit. I think that one of the two copies of the crown, which also shows the importance of the castle where we can say.

Let’s talk about Ottoman Empire left work. A sword made quite polite below.


Osmanlı'dan kalma kılıç
Sword of Ottoman Empire Soldiers.

Note the details on the rifle, still elegant details such as the sword.

Osmanlı'dan kalma tüfek
Rifle from Ottoman Empire


Osmanlı'dan kalma kalkan, kılıç ve barut kapları
Swords, gun powders barrels from Ottoman Empire

In the above image, it was filled with gunpowder plant small jugs below. Ottoman soldiers, they’re filling the rifle from the jugs. If we refer to one of the details given by the guide,  these small shields used by the Ottoman Empire for the army mobility and they move very fast.

Osmanlı'dan kalan at arabası tekeri ve toplar
Wheel of cart from Ottoman Empire which is found in Danube River

One above, was found in the Danube River and was placed in the museum. It still looks very solid.

Osmanlı'dan kalma mutfak eşyaları
Kitchen Equipments from Ottoman Empire

These utensils, are part of the palace. These utensils not belong to public’s kitchen.This works in all the Ottoman heirlooms. The remaining part is made in the museum of the Ottoman Empire, given the recipes. Names of food, preserved in its original form.

Estergon Kalesi avlusundan
Yards of Esztergom Castle Museum

We see three tombstones in one of the Esztergom castle in interior garden. I asked the guide, that even under the stone tombs of stone, known where the graves here ‘decorative’ said.

Estergon Kalesi'ndeki Osmanlı Mezar Taşlarımız
Grave stones of Ottoman Empiere soldier’s

As a part of Esztergom Castle tower. I have received information that this tower is slightly higher. While looking, I would like to say what our guide’s said: ” This route goes to the Budha city. Therefore Esztergom castle was very important. This route, which retains control of Hungary therefore, so this castle was seized 9 times “ he said.

Estergon Kalesi'nin manzarası
View from Esztergom Castle

There are two mosques in Esztergom, just below the Castle. One mosque minaret is clear and obvious but marked one is also mosque that looks unclear. I could not go to this mosque, I went to other mosque.


Estergon Kalesi altında bulunan bir diğer cami
Another mosque below the castle
Estergon Kalesi yanındaki Özicelı Hacı İbrahim Camii
Özicelı Hacı İbrahim Mosque
Estergon Kalesi yanındaki Özicelı Hacı İbrahim Camii
Özicelı Hacı İbrahim Mosque
Estergon Kalesi yanındaki Özicelı Hacı İbrahim Camii
Özicelı Hacı İbrahim Mosque
Estergon Kalesi yanındaki Özicelı Hacı İbrahim Camii
Özicelı Hacı İbrahim Mosque

Öziçel Haci Ibrahim mosque is museum and a cafe now. There is water mill inside garden, I think there wasn’t in original structure. There is small access to Danube River. The mosque’s official website .

This folk song is about Esztergom Castle. You could listen and watch to this video:

This castle and city has remained under Ottoman Empire, first time in 52 years, and second time 78 years in the castle. Unfortunately there was not much details about Ottoman Empire in city. This was surprised to me.

Other images of the castle are in the official site of Civert.


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